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July 03, 2015

Happy July everyone!! The holy month of Ramadan started last month and will continue till mid july. It's one of the important festival that UAE celebrates. The city comes alive at night time with shops and malls opened till late night and specially made iftar buffets served in restaurants to break the fasting in the evening.. As for me, i'm confined at home during day time as it's too hot to go out and enjoys visiting malls and dining at night times.

well, onto my crafts, i've made some small plushies watching youtube videos and here they are..

Mochi felt plush made using tutorial from Sweetorials 

And a tiny mamegoma using the tutorial here

I've been making seasoned curd rice a lot lately. Curd rice garnished with fruits gives a nice taste and this dish is perfect for summer. You can find the recipe here

Have a fantastic day!! cheers :)

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  1. Your little critters are way cute and I had not heard of curd rice before.

  2. Your plushies are very cute! Thanks for sharing the recipe of the curd ŕice!

    Cheers, Sandra

  3. Those plushies are soooo cute!

  4. oh they're sooooo cuuuute ! I love them !

  5. More cutties !!!
    Have a nice weekend !

  6. I haven't come across curd rice before, I must give that a try. The little plushies are delightful.

  7. Those plushies are incredibly cute, and the rice look yummy! : ) Wish you a nice weekend! xx

  8. Mmm the rice looks tasty! I hope the heat isn't too unbearable. Love the plushies too they're very cute! x

  9. Your plushies are lovely and I like that you used pink, which make them even more adorable. You sound like a very positive person! I am happy I discovered your blog. :) Have a fantastic day too!

  10. The plushies are really cute. Curd rice is indeed a welcoming dish during summers. I guess only we Indians eat it. I have friends who have never heard of rice and curd combination :-P


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